Spring 2024

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Major: Bioengineering

College/Employer: UC Berkeley

Year of Graduation: 2024

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E776: Intro to Bioengineering in Splash Fall 2021 (Oct. 30, 2021)
What do you think of when you hear the word "bioengineering"? CRISPR? Prosthetics? MRI? Nothing at all? Bioengineering encompasses a wide range of disciplines and has led to the development of crucial technologies, such as the ones mentioned above and many more. Come learn about this exciting field and the research happening on UC Berkeley campus. We're excited to have you!

E766: Introduction to Bioengineering in Splash Spring 2021 (Mar. 13, 2021)
Welcome to Introduction to Bioengineering! In this class, we will give a glimpse into bioengineering at Berkeley. You will learn about the four bioengineering concentrations offered at Berkeley, different fields of bioengineering research, and what careers are available post graduation!