The Parent Program invites the parents of Splash students to attend a series of guest lectures, workshops, and student panels over Zoom. Parents have the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the college application process, Berkeley student life, and much more! These events occur during the day of Splash. 

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Program Registration:
 There is no registration for the parent program. Please instead click the zoom link provided during the appropriate times!
Lunch: We are not offering lunch at this time
Cost: $0 

What you need: A computer and the internet.
LINK TO PROGRAM FILES HERE: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/11MCKWBr9Cu7WOnStGeRbHH_dTVWTMltN?usp=sharing

Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct

By allowing your children to register as a student with Splash! at Berkeley, you agree to the following codes of conduct:

  1. Parents or Guardians should understand that Splash is an event for students, and is not designed to include parents or guardians beyond granting or withholding permission for their children to participate.
  2. Parents or guardians must be aware of their students’ involvement and are responsible for reviewing the Codes of Conduct for all participants.

General Schedule

9:45 AM:
Opening remarks
10:00 AM:
"How to Build a Best Fit College List" presentation by Haruka Yamashita
12:00 PM:
Lunch break
1:00 PM:
"Why is the Pandemic so Hard on Young People?" presentation by Sophie McMullen
2:00 PM:
Cal Undergraduate Student Panel
3:00 PM:
Closing remarks

Event DescriptionsOpening remarksSplash originated at MIT and has grown to over 20 universities nationwide. We will welcome you and provide a brief history of the Splash program.

“College Admissions: How to Build a Best Fit College List”
One of the challenges many students face when preparing for college admissions is building a college list. Come and learn about how to balance Academic, Social and Financial Fit, when building a Best Fit College list.
Haruka Yamashita (Cornell ’90) is a college admissions counselor and a past UC Freshman Admissions Reader. As the host of College Knowledge Webinars, she helps families with Getting Started, College Research and List Building, Financial Literacy and College Essay Writing. Visit:  www.plan-it-education.com

"Why is the Pandemic so Hard on Young People?"
Sophie McMullen will be presenting on why the pandemic is especially hard on young people. The loss of rituals—graduations, proms, and celebrations—has left many young people searching for closure to important life chapters, while their school plans and career goals suddenly had to change. What can young people do? Researchers recommend practices like mindfully noticing and savoring positive experiences, looking for silver linings, creating new rituals that give you time for reflection, and setting goals and intentions for this uncertain time. Sophie will dive into the research behind why young people are especially struggling during this time, and highlighting some potential protective factors.
Sophie McMullen (she/her) graduated from UC Berkeley in May 2020 with a major in Psychology and minors in Spanish & Public Policy. She currently works as an Operations Lead at Foresight Mental Health. In her free time she enjoys surfing, yoga, baking, and watching documentaries.

Cal Undergraduate Student PanelA panel of students from a diverse array of majors and backgrounds will share their college experiences. Topics range from work-life balance, stress management, to self-navigation in a large university. An open forum follows.Student Panelist Biographies
"I’m Emily Mustoe (she/her), a senior studying business administration through the Haas School of Business. Throughout my time in college, I have enjoyed studying abroad in Switzerland, working in D.C. for a summer through Cal in the Capital, volunteering at the Incarcerated Scholars Program, and writing for a fashion editorial club on campus.  I’d never thought I’d say that I would be finishing out my last semester at Cal by volunteering at a covid testing site on campus!"

My name is Shadaj Laddad. I am a 3rd year Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major, and will be starting a PhD program in the fall. At Berkeley, I'm a coordinator for Computer Science Mentors, an organization that runs adjunct sections to help students in lower-division CS classes. In my free time, I enjoy contributing to open-source projects, learning new instruments, and watching Bollywood movies!

My name is Michael Chang, I'm a 4th year student studying Political Economy and Industrial Engineering. I'm currently involved in Sigma Mu Delta, a pre - medical fraternity, a sustainability consulting club called ASRB, and I am also a peer advisor and co-chair for the political economy students association. In my spare time, I like to spend time outside by going on hikes and walks around Berkeley or playing the piano!

My name is Emma Doan, I’m a third year Public Health and Molecular and Cell Bio major on the pre-med track. During my time at Cal, I have been involved in the Suitcase Clinic, a humanitarian organization that provides services to Berkeley’s unhoused community, Field Study Internship, a semester long shadowing program under the School of Public Health, and a few other things. In my free time, I love trying to adapt baking recipes to work in my apartment’s kitchen and watching the sunset!


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