Spring 2023


Note from Splash Team: Hello! We are so excited to have you back on our campus for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic! That being said, please read everything below carefully to ensure a smooth program!

ALL CLASSES ARE HELD IN DWINELLE HALL THIS SEMESTER. Please visit the help desk if you have questions!

OUR POLICY: In compliance with UC Berkeley mask requirements, we strongly recommend wearing masks indoors — regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status. However, we ask that people who have a fever (>100.3F), cough, or shortness of breath should stay home and not attend Splash.

Parking Instructions

  • There are a few parking options available:

    • Free

      • Street parking is available a couple of blocks away from campus and typically are only 2-hour zones; please double-check and read the signs.

    • Paid Parking

      • Please refer to this Visitor Parking Map for proximity to Dwinelle Hall

        • Lower Sproul Garage

        • Public Parking Off-campus

      • Please refer to this Lots & Pricing page from UC Berkeley for information on parking machines and hours.

Public Transportation

  • UC Berkeley is highly accessible by public transit (Bart, AC transit, ferry), so we encourage you to use public transit on the day of Splash.
  • For students receiving financial aid for Splash program admission, we are able to provide you compensation for public transportation. However, you must email us in advance at splash.berkeley@gmail.com to request public transit financial aid, and you must have completed a financial aid application on our website.
  • We will only reimburse you for Bart/Bus/Ferry fares. We will NOT reimburse you for Lyft, Uber, or Gig rides.
  • Please send a receipt to splash.berkeley@gmail.com within ten days of the Splash program with a clear picture or screenshot of your fare to and from the splash. If you are paying with cash, make sure you get a receipt. If you are using a clipper card (recommended), you can log into your account online to see the transactions.
  • What to include in your email:
    • First and last name

    • Username/4 ID number on splash website (visit the profile section for this)

    • Attached screenshots or clear pictures of your transactions

    • Zelle email/phone number, attached to your account, for us to send reimbursement to.


  1. An acceptable face mask

  2. A printed packet of all forms is found here. Please complete and sign all pages with your parent/guardian. You will also need to attach your medical card (scanned or clear visible picture, printed). Please staple all these forms together.

Teacher Protocol

  1. Arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled start time and check into your class at the front desk Inside Dwinelle Hall. Teacher registration will begin at 9:40 am.

  2. Head over to your assigned classroom; if there is a teacher already teaching when you arrive, please quietly wait until they are done. 

  3. Have a great class! As always, please let us know if there are any questions or concerns! Please join the communication platform we sent you and message us if you have any emergencies!

Student Protocol

  1. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early at Dwinelle Hall to check-in and receive your schedule/class information. Student registration will begin at 9:40 am.

  2. Please be respectful when taking your class, as your teachers have volunteered their Saturday to teach you something they feel passionate about!

  3. Please let us know if there are any questions or concerns at our help desk located at the entrance of Dwinelle Hall.

  4. LUNCH: If you paid for the pizza lunch option, we will be serving outside Dwinelle Hall at the appropriate time. If you would like to leave campus, you will need to sign out and sign in at the front desk.

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