Spring 2023

2022-23 Splash Team


Jordan (they/he)                                 


Jordan is a fourth-year physics graduate student studying quantum information. They have taught classes on topics such as quantum cryptography, combinatorial games, and ordinal numbers. In their free time, they enjoy doing puzzle hunts, playing board games, cooking, and climbing. 

Teacher Committee Chairs

Sonali (she/her/hers)                                     Sajant (he/him/his)


Sonali is a junior studying Microbial Biology. She has taught a Splash course on the interactions between microbes and humans and is looking forward to teaching a new class on medical microbiology in the future. She loves discussing the importance and impacts of bacteria, fungi, and viruses in our daily lives. Most of all, she is passionate about the importance of education. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading science fiction, and spending time with her cats.

Sajant is a 4th year Ph.D. student in physics working on condensed matter theory. He has taught classes on music and 'How we know the world is round.'

Student Committee Chairs

Anthony (he/him/his)

Parent Committee ChairsRyan (he/him/his)

Ryan (he/him/his) 

I am a Berkeley Ph.D. student studying fundamental particle physics. At work, I use the largest particle accelerator in existence to try to understand the tiniest particles that make up our universe. At Splash, I like to answer wacky questions using basic science principles. On my own time, I like to walk dogs at the local animal shelter, cook, climb, and hike.

Finance Committee Chair

Alfred (he/him/his)  


Alfred is a Miller postdoc fellow in the department of chemistry and he uses ultrafast laser pulses to make movies of atomic motion in quantum materials. He has been a Splashtronaut since college and believes that splash empowers both students and teachers through this education extravaganza.

Social Media Manager 

Kerem (he/him/his)

My name is Kerem. I’m a sophomore studying bioengineering. I taught introduction to bioengineering for splash in fall 2021. My hobbies include playing saxophone (I’m in the UC a jazz big band) and love watching soccer.

General Admins

Rhea (she/her/hers)                                            


My name is Rhea Sood and I am a Bioengineering student at UC Berkeley! I have taught an Intro to Bioengineering class at Splash before and am excited to be part of the team!

Krisvinne (she/her/hers)


My name is Krisvinne and I'm a second year intended Public Health major. This is my first year with Splash as an Admin, but I have some experience as a lab instructor for high school level biotech. I'm so excited to be a part of the team!

Senior Advisors

Taila (she/her/hers)

Taila Lee is a second-year undergrad intending to major in media studies and minor in journalism. She’s passionate about storytelling and education, and before she taught Introduction to Journalism at Splash, she previously taught with KQED and the Journalism Education Association. Outside of Splash, she enjoys working for The Daily Californian as a deputy arts editor.

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