Cantika (they/she)       


Cantika is a fourth-year Psychology student minoring in Science and Math Education! They have taught Personality Psychology for three Splashes, were teacher committee chair for two semesters, and are now president! They enjoy teaching math and are also a research assistant for the Berkeley Personality Lab and the CoRE Lab at the Graduate School of Education!         


Senior Advisors

Tessa (She/They)                                                 Shivani (She/her/hers)


Shuge (she/her/hers)      

Tessa (she/they) is a 4th-year physics graduate student studying quantum materials. She has taught classes about group theory, complex numbers, and game theory.

Shivani is a 4th year studying Cognitive Science, Data Science, and Pre-Physical Therapy. She is very interested in the development of STEM education among the underrepresented and under marginalized communities! As a senior advisor, she is working to build better inclusivity in the program and the team!

Logistics Committee Chairs

Bryan (he/him/his)                                                     Jordan (they/them)


Bryan is a third-year Bioengineering undergrad interested in combining art, tech, and biology in the future. As a Logistics Committee Co-Chair, he helps to set up each semester's Splash event as well as design the t-shirts and logos! He has taught classes like Research 101, Intro to BioE, and Intro to Anthropology. He likes jazz piano, cooking, and funny stories. Please reach out to him with any song recs - he loves to listen to all genres!

Jordan is a third-year physics graduate student studying quantum information. They have taught classes on topics such as quantum cryptography, combinatorial games, and ordinal numbers. In their free time, they enjoy doing puzzle hunts, playing board games, cooking, and drinking lots of tea. 

Teacher Committee Chairs

 Snigdha (she/her/hers)                                     Sajant (he/him/his)


Snigdha (she/her/hers) is a fourth-year undergraduate student majoring in MCB and minoring in Toxicology. She is one of the teacher committee heads for Splash and primarily works on teacher outreach and training. She has been teaching classes at Splash since her freshman year. Outside of Splash, she likes to work on healthcare equity projects, watch random YouTube videos, try new food combinations, and admire corgis on social media.

Sajant is a 2nd year Ph.D. student in physics working on condensed matter theory. He has taught classes on music and 'How we know the world is round.'

Student Committee Chairs

Rosie (she/they)                                                        Sindhu (she/her/hers)          

Rosie (she/they) is a fourth-year majoring in anthropology and ethnic studies with a minor in education. They are interested in incorporating anthropology and ethnic studies into the K-12 curriculum, which is what made them decide to join Splash! in their free time, Rosie reads, watches anything Star Wars, and plays Mario Kart.

Sindhu is a senior majoring in Data Science with a minor in CS. She is passionate about spreading STEM education to local communities and has taught an introductory programming course at Splash. Sindhu is also one of the Student Committee Chairs so feel free to reach out with any questions!

Parent Committee Chairs

Sarah (she/her/hers)                                                Uday (he/him/his) 


Sarah is a 4th year studying psychology. She has taught classes on mindfulness and meditation as well as an introductory class to bullet journaling. Sarah has a passion for informing parents and students about the college application process and college life in general. She remembers how daunting college seemed to her as a high school student and she hopes to alleviate similar worries by providing resources and useful information through the Parent Program. In her free time, Sarah enjoys exercising, cooking nutritious meals, and exploring the bay with friends.

Uday is a second-year undergrad majoring in Public Health and minoring in Data Science. Some of his interests lie in reforming the public healthcare system and addressing social inequality. In his free time outside of Splash Uday enjoys reading novels, listening to music, and playing basketball.

Sage (she/her/hers)                                             


Sage is a fourth-year majoring in Linguistics and Computer Science. She has previously taught an Introduction to Python class for Splash!

Finance Committee Chair

Alfred (he/him/his)  


Alfred is a Miller postdoc fellow in the department of chemistry and he uses ultrafast laser pulses to make movies of atomic motion in quantum materials. He has been a Splashtronaut since college and believes that splash empowers both students and teachers through this education extravaganza.

Social Media Manager 

Taila (she/her/hers)

Taila Lee is a second-year undergrad intending to major in media studies and minor in journalism. She’s passionate about storytelling and education, and before she taught Introduction to Journalism at Splash, she previously taught with KQED and the Journalism Education Association. Outside of Splash, she enjoys working for The Daily Californian as a deputy arts editor.

General Admins

Will (he/him/his)     

Will is a second-year undergrad majoring in anthropology with a focus on bioarchaeology and biological anthropology. He has previously taught courses at Splash about archaeological myths with relevance to video games and films. In the future, Will plans to teach more Splash courses about (bio)anthropology and cares about helping out peers. In his free time, Will loves to go for adventures, make short films, write poetry, or discover new music. :)

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