Spring 2024

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STELLA MCKAY, Aspiring English professor and writer!

Major: English

College/Employer: UC Berkeley

Year of Graduation: 2025

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Junior at UC Berkeley, majoring in English and minoring in Creative Writing

Past Classes

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X1125: Ethics and Origins of True Crime in Splash Fall 2023 (Nov. 18, 2023)
This class aims to answer the following questions: Where did true crime come from and why is it becoming so popular in modern media? What ethical dilemmas does the creation and consumption of true crime pose? How has true crime helped and harmed victims, and who are the victims in true crime?

H1126: Basics of a short story in Splash Fall 2023 (Nov. 18, 2023)
We will go over the fundamental building blocks of short stories. These basic building blocks can be used to write a story in any genre. This class heavily leans on lessons I have learned from creative writing classes here at UC Berkeley. You will do writing in class and leave with the foundation of a short story of your own.

H1057: Creative Writing and Storytelling in Splash Spring 2023 (Apr. 23, 2023)
Why are humans driven toward stories? Why do we desire to share our experiences? Why do we construct fictional stories and how has fiction infiltrated our personal narratives? How do we do it effectively, and what does it even mean to write effectively? How can we use stories to our advantage? In this class, we will explore many variations of storytelling through creative writing, including short stories, flash fiction, poetry, and reflective journaling. We will practice writing on the spot and sharing our work.