Spring 2024

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SANDRA DING, UC Berkeley Freshman Studying Psychology

Major: Psychology, L&S

College/Employer: UC Berkeley

Year of Graduation: 2027

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Born in Beijing, China, Sandra came from a family of four. She has a lovely little brother who now studies in a primary school at downtown Beijing. New to the Bay Area, Sandra spent her first 17 years in China, which provides her a nice environment to delve into her favorite subject area: Psychology. She decided to broaden her horizon by pursuing her studies in UC Berkeley, where she passionately engage in various public service programs.

Past Classes

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O1159: Let's Be Psych! Notorious Psychological Experiments & Everyday Psychological Phenomena in Splash Fall 2023 (Nov. 18, 2023)
Our course will delve deep into the core concepts of Psychology, ranging from universal philosophies to some specific psychological phenomena. Additionally, we'll provide insights into specific topics explored in competitions. Throughout the course, we'll weave in engaging classroom activities, ensuring students grasp the intricate interplay between psychology and other major disciplines, as well as its profound connection to everyday life. The course is expected to be chill but meanwhile able to enhance students' learning in AP Psychology (or IB Psychology). If interested in taking these exams later, feel free to contact Sandra for free advising. More About Sandra Ding: Not only am I a humanities student with a flair for the sciences, but I'm also a passionate learner who loves sharing knowledge. I embarked on a self-study journey into AP Psychology during my first year of high school and achieved a top score of 5 in the preliminary test during my second year. Through grit and determination, I've competed in various psychology-related contests, eventually clinching the gold medal at the HOSA Global event.