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Major: MCB

College/Employer: UC Berkeley

Year of Graduation: 2020

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E558: Building Prosthetics in Splash Spring 19 (Mar. 16, 2019)
This two-hour lesson is divided into two parts to teach the fundamental components of robotics: the EECS (electrical engineering and computer science) side and the mechanical side. The first half of the lesson is focused on the introduction of Arduinos in which students will complete a few challenges using the Arduinos, breadboards, and other sensors/motors. The second half will consist of students building a prosthetic hand out of household materials, aiming to give it various capabilities, including the flexing of "fingers", picking up items, and even throwing items if possible. If time permits, students can also delve deeper into possibly using the Arduinos to help complete some of these tasks for the prosthetic hands

E401: Building Prosthetics in Splash Fall 18 (Nov. 04, 2018)
In this course we’ll be explaining how the engineering design process applies to fields like architecture and bioengineering. We’ll be using these concepts for a quick architectural challenge, and then to create prosthetic hands out of common materials such as cardboard, cups, and string. There will also be several goals for the prosthetic hands to complete, and we'll see whose can do the most!