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PIERRE KARASHCHUK, Neuroscience Enthusiast

Major: Computer Science & Statistics

College/Employer: Haas School of Business

Year of Graduation: 2017

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Past Classes

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Brain Computer Interfaces in Splash Spring 15
Interacting with computers using only your mind is no longer science fiction. We will talk about how information is represented in the brain, how we can record that information, and how we can decode it in order to control technology. We may have also have a demo.

Vision: From the Retina to the Brain in Splash Spring 15
How do we see? If I show you a picture of a cat, how can you instantly tell it's a cat, while engineers have struggled with this problem for decades? In this course, I'll map out our visual system, from the cones and rods of the retina to the higher levels of the cortex. I'll talk about weird effects science has uncovered, and why those might make sense, if you look at how the brain works.