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E1283: Molecular Matrix: Weaving Biology and Machine Learning Together in Splash Spring 2024 (Apr. 21, 2024)
Rapid advances in machine learning have reshaped the world. In the life sciences, deep learning is being used everywhere from medical imaging to protein folding. We will go over the basics of machine learning and deep learning with a focus on how it can revolutionize medicine and the biological sciences. No experience is required besides passion for science! A laptop or tablet would be great for practical demos, but we will also have devices available.

S1014: Gene editing for human health. A CRISPR view and beyond in Splash Fall 2022 (Oct. 29, 2022)
Amid headlines of designer babies and the movie GATTACA, it can be hard to understand what gene editing is and the capabilities of current technologies. Join us as we explore how gene editing ACTUALLY works and how new technologies such as CRISPR will revolutionize human health and beyond.