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JONATHAN NGAI, UC Berkeley Sophmore studying Political Science

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College/Employer: UC Berkeley

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O1149: Life, Politics and the Meaning of College in Splash Fall 2023 (Nov. 18, 2023)
What is the point of going to college? I mean really? As high schoolers we're told that college is the next and perhaps best step in life. College is meant to be a time of interesting classes, lifelong friends, crazy parties and more all wrapped up in a 4 year experience that sets you up for life. Yet with rising tuition costs, wide variations in student experiences and increasing competitiveness, who wouldn't ask "what's the point?" This class will tackle that expansive question by levying the lenses and methods from political theory to hopefully construct some more meaningful answers. If you’re interested in figuring out either college, political theory or life this class is for you!