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Major: Math/CSE


Year of Graduation: 2014

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How This Website Works in Splash Spring 15
Ever wonder what was actually going on when Splash registration opened? Find out how the Splash website (or any website) works behind the scenes. We’ll cover, very briefly, the basics of all the major concepts of web design, including HTML, CSS, client-side scripting, and server-side scripting. Time permitting, we'll also talk about databases, version controlling, and caching. All examples will be taken from the Splash website. If time allows, we’ll take a look at some of the administrative portions of the website - the pages that help the Splash directors administer the program. This class will be an overview of many different concepts of web design, and how they interact. It will not be an in-depth look at any one concept, though links to resources for additional learning will be provided. No computer experience is required. In fact, if you have a lot of computer experience, you’ll probably be bored. But if you don’t already know most of the terms listed in the description, then you’re encouraged to register for this class!

Avatar: Legend of Korra Discussions in Splash Spring 15
Legend of Korra, the follow-up animated series to Avatar: The Last Airbender, just finished airing its final season. Many consider the two shows to be two of the best series ever. Critics have called Korra "progressive", "subversive", "one of the best shows on TV", and "some of the highest quality fantasy of our time". The show is known for its awesome animation, beautiful music, powerful themes, and great characters. Come to discuss anything you'd like pertaining to the Legend of Korra, and be prepared to discuss topics that others come up with as well. Some ideas for things we may talk about (SPOILERS!!!): - Bending in the technological world. - Did technology advance too much during the series? - The Equalist crisis. Was Amon right? Would the Equalists have been okay with the post-Book 1 Republic City government? - How did the short, dramatic, plot-driven seasons of Korra compare to the longer, adventure-filled seasons of Airbender? - Was Book 2 good? What were its strong and weak points? - What did you think about the return of the airbenders? - What did you think about the Red Lotus? And, for that matter, what did you think about the role of the White Lotus throughout the Legend of Korra? - What were the best references to The Last Airbender? What were the worst references that should have been omitted? - Korra's spiritual and emotional journey, and the evolution of her self-image. - What should the future of the Earth Kingdom look like? - Some allies and enemies believed that monarchies should be ended and the division of the four nations should be eliminated. Agree or disagree? - When were "good guys" wrong? When were "bad guys" right? - Which book was the best? - How does Legend of Korra compare to The Last Airbender?