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HENRY MALTBY, Math Major (3rd Year)

Major: Math

College/Employer: UC Berkeley

Year of Graduation: 2016

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I like to think about "stuff" and the connections I see between different types of "stuff." This is, as best I can give, a generalized description of the average "mathematician" (an exclusive group of which I may not yet count myself a member).

I do have a passion for discussing this stuff and these connections with other people, though, so maybe one day I can fit into the category of "educator" as well.

Past Classes

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Intro to Abstract Math in Splash Spring 15
We will provide an introduction to mathematics in the collegiate sense as opposed to the high school one: as a tool for "formalizing abstract constructions" instead of "making calculations." Topics introduced may include sets, operations on sets, equivalence relations, equivalence classes, partial and total orderings, and groups. Examples may be taken from Euclidean geometry, matrix algebra, logic puzzles, and (sparingly) single-variable calculus. These concepts may be found in the beginning of a course on naive set theory, abstract algebra, or topology. While particular attention will be given to examples and visualization, the underlying logic and rigor will be stressed to an agreeable extent.