Mark your calendar, Spring '20 Splash will be on March 8, 2020!

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DHRUV MANDAL, UC Berkeley sophomore studying Biology & Poli Sci

Major: Biology / Political Science

College/Employer: UC Berkeley

Year of Graduation: 2021

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X499: Advanced MUN Club Development for Head Delegates in Splash Spring 19 (Mar. 16, 2019)
Are you interested in international relations and Model United simulations? Are you interested as to what to do during and how better to plan the MUN offseason? Do you want to start running your own conferences? Join us for an amazing class section by BMUN's Outreach staff, where we teach you skills about club organization and how to get the most of your leadership structure, and how to better market Model UN and put on conferences for both personal and club development! Really cool opportunity for advanced MUN delegates willing to grow their programs!