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Major: Undeclared Natural Resources

College/Employer: UC Berkeley

Year of Graduation: 2022

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Intro to Product Design & Development in Splash Fall 18
What does Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google all have in common? A really efficient team of designers... When it comes to building amazing products, design is the most important “feature” — it gives companies an edge over competitors. Whether you want to be a designer, developer, product manager, program manager, marketing manager or project manager, understanding the product development process is essential to create your best work. Come learn about the differences between UX vs. UI vs. Graphic Design! We will be going over common principles of design and discussing the trademarks of a bad design. Towards the end you pick one of many design-related activities: wire-framing, sketching, or a mini UX research game!

Debunking Diet Myths and Smart Grocery Shopping Tips in Splash Fall 18
We will be doing an overview of macronutrients and non-energy yielding nutrients in order to evaluate popular "diet" trends. There will also be an activity (with snacks) to learn how to read Nutrition Facts labels and understand serving sizes, in order to make healthier choices!