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CHARLIE CUMMINGS, Physics and Math major who loves teaching!

Major: Physics and Mathematics

College/Employer: UC Berkeley

Year of Graduation: 2021

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"The enormous usefulness of mathematics in the natural sciences is something bordering on the mysterious." - Eugene Paul Wigner

Hello! I'm a sophomore at UC Berkeley, but I'm originally from Tennessee.

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S575: How to Think Like a Scientist in Splash Spring 19 (Mar. 16, 2019)
Science is hard. It requires problem solving skills the likes of which take years to fully master. From problem sets to actual live problems in research, the approach to a problem can make all the difference! Being a good scientist doesn't require being a genius (although that would certainly help). ANYONE can learn the analytical and logical method of thinking that science has to offer, and can be applied to all parts of life, not just in the classroom.