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ABDULLAH ABBAS, University of Waterloo senior studying Nano Eng

Major: Nanotechnology Engineering

College/Employer: Visiting Student Scholar from University of Waterloo, Canada

Year of Graduation: 2017

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I have not taught a class before, but I have given presentation (mostly of posters in conferences). I am passionate about solar energy in general. I have been doing research through out my undergraduate as a research assistant focusing on making solar cell devices from semiconductor materials, such as Nanorods, Nanoparticles, Quantum Dots/Nanocrystals.
I would like to teach the students more about semiconductors devices, such as Diodes, LEDs, Photodetectors, Solar Cells. I will show them the conventional solar cells (silicon based) and other new solar cells that have been researched and developed in the recent years.

Past Classes

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The Semiconductor Revolution in Electronic Devices in Splash Spring 16
Have you ever wondered how LEDs work? What about Transistors? Have you seen solar panels on some houses and wondered how a glass panel can produce electricity? Well you are in the right class! In this course, we will explore the wonders of semiconductor materials, and how to utilize their power to build devices that have changed our lives. I will give a brief introduction to Arduino to encourage the students to explore it and learn more about electronic devices.