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NIJAID ARREDONDO, UC Berkeley senior studying physics and astro

Major: Physics/Astrophysics

College/Employer: UC Berkeley

Year of Graduation: 2019

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Relatively Brief Intro to the Theory of Relativity in Splash Fall 18
Time dilation, black holes, gravitational waves -- we've all heard about the sci-fi that Einstein's theory of relativity seems to be. In this course we will look at the math and physics behind one of the most monumental ideas in modern physics. While the full theory is considered beyond even the undergraduate level, that can't stop us from exploring what it says (and why) about space, time, and Lisa's birthday card that was "lost in an event horizon". From the fact that gravity is just another weird geometry problem to the expansion of the Universe that threatens to leave us even more alone, we will explore the implications of relativity, concluding with the advances we've made in and with the theory, along with its problems that continue to make physicists throw chalk at their walls.