Mark your calendar, Spring '20 Splash will be on March 8, 2020!

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STEVEN CEN, UC Berkeley 3rd year

Major: Electrical Eng. and Computer Sci

College/Employer: UC Berkeley

Year of Graduation: 2021

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I am working towards a career in the tech field but I love music and its ability to make us feel, whether that be through a dreamy chord, or evocation of childhood memories. I used to play classical piano but now I mainly mess around with arrangement, production, and writing.

Past Classes

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A653: Introduction to Music Composition in Splash Fall 2019 (Nov. 02, 2019)
Want to learn how to compose a catchy tune or two? This course will supply you with the basic tools needed to compose music! This course is for beginners, so no previous experience is necessary; however, experience with a musical instrument is highly encouraged, as this will make music composition easier to grasp. On top of learning about composing, at the end of the class we will try to perform everyone's compositions. Feel free to bring your instruments! Course content: Music chords and basic harmony, song structure, writing melodies, arranging, and notes on the creative process.