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Major: Anthropology

College/Employer: UC Berkeley

Year of Graduation: 2020

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Nate is a Disability Lab Manager at the UC Berkeley Disability Lab, a makerspace formed as a nexus for disability research, media, and universal design in the San Francisco Bay Area. Nate is also a disability advocate and in May 2019, will serve as part of a congressional briefing team for the Haas institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society. Where upon Nate will advocate for disability rights before Congress in Washington DC.
He is currently attending UC Berkeley as a undergraduate in Anthropology. Where he is also a member of the Fung Fellowship for Wellness and Technology Innovations, which merges digital health, human-centered design, and health equity. Nate is one of 55 undergraduates – the only anthropology major, and one of a small group of military veterans – that was admitted into this highly competitive fellowship in 2018.
Since 2005, Nate has served in the U.S. Army/ California Army National Guard; where he currently holds the rank of Sergeant First Class. In the military he has held positions as first sergeant, platoon sergeant, victims advocate, and senior operations sergeant. He has also worked as a Federal Air Marshal for over five years at the Federal Air Marshals Service, before retiring due to service related injuries in 2016.
Nate plans on earning his PhD in Medical Anthropology, his research focuses includes and veteran health, Autism's impact on human evolution and society, and Pacific Islander Culture. He will be conducting research on Regional Culture and its Impact on Millennial Veteran Health summer 2019. Nate is a father and disabled veteran; He holds a AAT in Anthropology from Diablo Valley College and AAT’s in Sociology and Geography from Contra Costa College.

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