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JOHN GROH, Physics graduate student at UC Berkeley

Major: Physics

College/Employer: UC Berkeley

Year of Graduation: G

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I'm a Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley, and I'm doing my thesis work studying the exotic physics of the early universe. I'm part of a team of about 50 scientists from around the world who are building an array of microwave telescopes high in the mountains of Chile to look for subtle patterns in the remnant radiation from the hot big bang that will tell us about cosmic inflation, neutrinos, and maybe even the nature of space-time itself!

Past Classes

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Using Imaginary Numbers to Describe Real Things in Splash Spring 16
Ever wonder what imaginary numbers could ever be good for? Well look no further! In this course I'll go in detail through one example of how real people use them for real things, every day - in electronic circuits.

A Short History of the Universe in Splash Fall 15
A 1-hour cosmology crash course about the universe as we know it

The Physics of Rock Climbing in Splash Spring 15
Come learn about how rock climbers are able to scale seemingly hold-less walls, how their ropes and protection work, and more!

Taylor Series in Physics in Splash Spring 15
Taylor series are a very powerful way of approximating complicated functions, and they appear everywhere in modern physics and engineering. In this course I'll briefly review the mathematics of Taylor series, and then show how they are used to describe physical phenomena ranging from vibrations of atoms in solids to the stability of asteroid orbits.